Larry Goldfield (guitar, vocals, songwriter) When Philly-born Larry Goldfield first heard Lightning Hopkins, Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson in his 20s, a plan began to form in his mind. He knew he had to not only emulate these guitar greats, he had to share their musical mastery with the world. Larry first studied with acolytes of Dave Van Ronk (the inspiration of the titular character of Inside Llewyn Davis), followed by a five-year apprenticeship with National Finger-style Guitar Champion Rolly Brown. The dedication led to gigs with numerous Bay Area swing acts, eventually landing him in Sonoma County Wine Country where he helms award-winning ensemble Sugar Moon Swing. He lives with his wife and two children in a home bustling with music, laughter and creativity.

Kenny Blacklock (fiddle)  Kenny lived in Japan for years before settling in Petaluma with his fiddling wife and two young daughters. He is a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and also plays tin whistle, keyboards, mandolin, musical saw, and viola. Kenny is also a music teacher, a member of the bands Dr. Elmo & Wild Blue and Bluegrass Contraption, and he is the grandson of the legendary and late Bay Area saw player Charlie Blacklock. He plays a 1747 Schedelich violin, speaks, reads and writes Japanese, and he is ready to lead the band on a tour of Japan.

John Fitt (mandolin, guitar, harmony vocals), has a keen ear for the melody.  His creative flourishes make beautiful lyrical solos and festive accompaniment.  Having played surf guitar in his native Southern California he made his way up to Northern California and he brings along a vibrant earthy sound to all his playing.   He is a veteran of the Wine Country music scene and coaxes beautiful tones out of his mandolins and guitars.

Kevin Hayes (upright bass) gives Sugar Moon a solid foundation with a warm, acoustic friendly tone.  His skillful basslines give an added dimension to familiar standards, traditional material and original songs. Kevin is  a graduate of Sonoma State Jazz program.

Ricky Lomeli (drums) is a graduate of Sonoma State Jazz program.  His deft hands provide a rich rhythmic palette from which he seems to select just the right sound and the right time.   His ability to define the groove, listen and play off other musicians while supporting (without overpowering) propel the music to a higher level.

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